unwritten rules (Art World)


Indian ink on paper window blind, steel table
188 x 98 cm / table: 200 x 75x 75 cm

performance, open recitation
20 min

From the beginning of my working period at the Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten, I have invited my studio guests (Rijksakademie advisors, residents, curators, collectors, critics, ...) to write down unwritten rules that exist within the art world. Rules in terms of building a successful art career.

I had set a time frame of two years to fill a long paper scroll. Each person was given one thin pencil line to write on. Once the ink was dry, the handwritten rule was rolled up, leaving the paper blank for the next person.


The closed roll lies on a silver table. It is opened by Maria Kley and activated during an open recitation of the unwritten rules. The audience is invited to participate in the recitation. After reading the last line, Kley closes the scroll.

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Maria Kley
Maria Kley
Maria Kley