Clothing label consists of all the names of the men that contributed to the collection.

Fashion show by: Rob, Ron, Ralf, Daan, Christof, Emil, Ray, Teun, Johan, Matthijs

music: Split Skins by Art Blakey

“De kledingstukken van Maria Kley zijn het resultaat van verschillende interviews met mannen uit haar omgeving. Maria stelt zich hier op als een instrument en de uitkomst kan worden gelezen als omgekeerd aan het modedictaat; hyperpersoonlijk en uniek in plaats van trendmatig en algemeen.”

"Maria Kley’s garments are the outcome of in-depth interviews with men from her surrounding. Maria acts like an 'instrument' in order to create a collection contrary to the conventional fashion dictation: hyper personal and unique instead of trendy and general." 2005

"As a designer, I was driven by two main beliefs. Firstly, that clothes are the first concrete expression of human behavior and emotion. Secondly, that clothes should be designed for individuals, not for big target groups, nor for the ego of the designer.

My motivation was to develop a menswear collection in close collaboration with a group of men.

58 men participated in my project. I started through in-depth interviews to research into their psycho-social backgrounds and individual desires, habits, fantasies, expectations of life etc. The outcome was a great source of information, which I could translate it into a pure and rich collection.

Throughout the creation process I worked together closely with my respondents. After the first concept collection was ready, I invited them for a try-out party and give honest feedback. On this occasion, even the music and choreography for the fashion show was decided together. Finally eleven men -aged between 15 and 60- presented themselves on the catwalk, showing a collection that had become their own."

Maria Kley
Maria Kley