Animal I

hand-dyed medical gauze, interlining
70 x 60 x 40 cm


How to preserve a child's innocence in times of crisis? How to recreate a safe place? How to keep breathing?

I initiated the sculptural series ‘The Animals’ during the first COVID-19 lockdown of 2020, reflecting on the period when parent and child were closely confined in domestic space and uncertain times. Constructed from hand-dyed, reinforced, and unfolded medical gauze, the sculptures engage in a dialogue with the Animal Drawings made by my son Rune (then 4 years old) during this period. These drawings form an elaborate series of contained abstract forms filled with vibrant, colourful compositions. Rune perceived the drawings as animals, while I associated them with spaces, akin to cocoons. The reality of the time and our intimate shared experience converged in these sculptures. This series serves as the prologue to Biotope II, an immersive sculpture that is still in progress.

Maria Kley
Maria Kley
Maria Kley